Green Meetings


...we haven't been called in a long time, thanks to our experience. Also not when matters of sustainability are concerned. We will gladly give your event the green light, if you are looking to go easy on the environment and its resources.

There are many ways to green a meeting, and we provide both the know-how and tools. Since 2012, we are licensees of the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen for Green Meetings and as such authorised to certify green events.

No need to see red numbers when you go green: following principles of sustainability is easier than one would think, and it also need not be costly. All it takes is some creative thinking and a willingness to go "back to the roots" – for example by using local products for catering.

  1. Formally agree with Mondial that you wish to organise your congress in accordance with Green Meetings and Events criteria.
  2. Plan your event in compliance with these criteria; Mondial will provide all required documents and record all relevant evidence in the Green Meetings Database.
  3. Mondial will certify your meeting and – as a licensee – is bound by the same strict environmental protection constraints.
Barbara Skrott
Senior Project Manager
t: +43 1 58804 202
f: +43 1 58804 185
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Plastic name badges


Paper name badges


apples/year distributed to participants


Percent of congress name badges also serve as public transport tickets


EUR cost of a bag made from recycled banner material